23th July to 25th August 2014

Friends of the Bregenz Festival

History and development

Gebhard Sagmeister

General meeting 2013

Since being founded in 1946 the Bregenz Festival has evolved into a festival of international renown. The festival's early years were characterised by a high degree of private initiative, as demonstrated by the in the establishment of the Festival Community of Bregenz in 1949.

Since the Bregenz Festival adopted the legal form of a limited liability company (GmbH) in 1989, the Friends of the Bregenz Festival have carried on the tradition of private involvement and, by means of donations and patrons' contributions, have done a great deal to ensure that even in times of limited public subsidy the festival programme remains artistically varied.

With the establishment of the Bregenz Festival Foundation, the Friends of the Bregenz Festival were able to transfer their rights of ownership vis-à-vis the Bregenz Festival GmbH to the Foundation. As a result the Friends have been able to concentrate fully on the task of promoting the Bregenz Festival.

The association of Friends of the Bregenz Festival today has some 1,300 members from Austria and abroad. The members - as Friends, Patrons and members of the Circle – are dedicated to supporting the Bregenz Festival in a variety of special ways and to promoting the festival idea far beyond the borders of the region.

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