23th July to 25th August 2014

Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Concerts

Farewell concert for David Pountney

There's probably no better way for David Pountney to mark his departure as artistic director of the Bregenz Festival than with Mozart's Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario). The Viennese singspiel from 1786 will round off a farewell concert to be given in his honour by Gérard Korsten conducting the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra. Depicting the rivalries between singers and actors and the constantly imperilled financing of the project, the work comically reflects the trials and tribulations of theatre directors in Mozart's day as well as our own. In the closing number the artists renounce all competitive thinking and agree to let the audience alone decide about their qualities – wishful thinking indeed. Mozart and his librettist Johann Gottlieb Stephanie were well acquainted with the goings-on behind the scenes and parodied them with affectionate irony. Music for the stage by the American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein provides an energetic and high-spirited addition to the farewell concert programme. The Overture to the operetta Candide and the Symphonic Dances from the international hit West Side Story overflow with infectious good humour. In 2004, David Pountney's artistic directorship began with the second season of West Side Story on the lake stage. And so here too a circle closes. The David Pountney era is to conclude with a rhythmic-melodic firework, not with farewell tears.

Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra
24 August – 11 a.m., Festspielhaus

Duration: 2 hours, incl. interval

Conductor: Gérard Korsten
With: Hanna Herfurtner, David Pountney, Arnold Rawls, Paul Schweinester, Tatiana Serjan, Magdalena Anna Hofmann u. v. a.

  • L. Bernstein: Overture from Candide
  • L. Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story
  • W. A. Mozart: Der Schauspieldirektor

Introductory talk in the Festspielhaus one hour before the performance begins, price: EUR 7


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