23th July to 25th August 2014

General Terms and Conditions

Bregenz Festival

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Scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relations between the Bregenz Festival (Bregenzer Festspiele GmbH) and its customers. They form part of the contract on the purchase of admission tickets.

Admission/opening hours

The venues normally open half an hour before the performance begins, or one hour in the case of a performance of the opera on the Floating Stage. For production-related reasons the admission time may be postponed. During the Festival the Ticket Center is open daily; on days when there is a performance it is open until the performance starts.

Admission prices

The price of admission tickets includes 10 % value added tax.

For organisational reasons, tickets at reduced prices can be purchased only by telephone on +43 (0)5574 407-6 or in person at the Ticket Center. Reduced-price tickets are valid only in conjunction with the identity card entitling the holder to the discount. If a ticket holder fails to display the relevant identity card, (s)he must pay the difference between the reduced price and the full price. Tickets are inspected upon admission to the respective venue.

  • Discount for students and school children (aged from 6 to 26 years)
    For every event, a certain number of tickets are reserved for students and school children. As a general rule the discount is 75 % (minimum ticket price €8). Concession tickets are valid only in conjunction with a student or school identity card. In Categories 2 and 3, concession tickets can be purchased only together with the same number of full-price tickets. In Category 1 no discount applies.
  • "SeePlus" discount
    Customers who book tickets to at least two other events at the same time as tickets to the opera on the Floating Stage receive a reduction of 30 % on those other events thanks to our new "SeePlus" discount. The full price will always be charged for tickets to the opera on the Floating Stage.
  • Orchestral Concert Pass
    Customers who book tickets to at least three orchestral concerts at the same time receive a discount of 20 %.
Please note that different discounts cannot be used in combination. Further, discounts are not available for premiere performances or for events not organised by the Bregenz Festival.

An admission ticket allows the holder to travel free of charge on the day of the performance on buses and trains in the public transport network of the Vorarlberg region. Additional bus and train services are laid on for the return journey at the end of the performance on the Floating Stage (restrictions apply if the performance is transferred to the Festival Opera House owing to bad weather). The timetables are published in July. Concert programmes and librettos are not included in the ticket price; nor is the charge for other similar services.

Admission tickets

Tickets can be ordered in writing, by telephone, online or at the Ticket Center. The number of tickets on sale in the Ticket Center and allocated for postal, telephone and online orders depends on the contractual obligations of the Bregenz Festival. Unless credit card details (ticket number and validity) were given with the order, the order is not valid until payment has been received. Tickets will be dispatched upon receipt of payment (by credit card or invoice). If payment is not received by the due date, the order will be cancelled and the tickets will be made available for sale to other parties.

By purchasing an admission ticket the visitor accepts the general house rules of the Bregenz Festival. Non-compliance with these rules can result in the offending party being ejected from the premises. Delivery by post is free of charge both in Austria and abroad. Exception: If the ticket or merchandising value is below 20 euros, we'll charge a shipping fee of five euros. Tickets which have been paid for can be collected at the Ticket Center if they cannot be delivered in time or if the customer so requests. Every person attending a performance needs a ticket or seat of his/her own. Children under the age of six are not allowed to attend performances at the Bregenz Festival.

Guests who arrive late at any event of the Bregenz Festival will be admitted in the interval or accompanied by auditorium attendants. A ticket holder is not permitted to occupy a different seat to that specified on the ticket. A ticket holder occupying another seat than his/her own may be required to pay the difference in seat price or may be ejected from the venue.

Online sale

Payment for tickets ordered online can be effected by credit card or invoice. Discount tickets and wheelchair seats cannot be booked online.

Exchange/return of tickets

Tickets that have been paid for cannot be refunded or returned. Changes in the cast or the programme do not entitle holders to return or exchange tickets.

If a performance is sold out, tickets can be returned for resale - without guarantee and on commission. The commission charged is 20 % of the ticket value. Accounts will be settled after the end of the Festival.

Regulations on the cancellation or transfer of a Floating Stage performance

If a Floating Stage performance is cancelled or plays for less than 90 minutes, tickets for Category 1, the Festival Lounge and Premium tickets are valid for the semi-staged version in the Festival Opera House and shall not be refunded.

Tickets for Category 2 – 5 are valid only for the Floating Stage. If the performance is transferred to the Festival Opera House after playing for less than 60 minutes on the Floating Stage, the ticket holder shall have the ticket price refunded in full or can exchange the ticket for a later date.

The performance on the Floating Stage is an open-air event. The special atmosphere on the Floating Stage is appreciated by visitors from all over the world. The overwhelming majority of our customers are willing to accept a certain risk of bad weather. The Bregenz Festival is therefore committed to going ahead with a performance on the Floating Stage even in doubtful weather conditions. Visitors are advised that it may rain during the performance. We therefore recommend that guests bring warm and rainproof clothing, but do not bring any umbrellas, as they impede the view. There may be delays or interruptions due to bad weather.

Loss of tickets

In the event that a customer loses a ticket, a replacement ticket can be issued once only. The replacement ticket must be applied for in writing and can be issued only if the customer is able to state clearly and credibly which ticket (s)he booked (exact seat and row number). The replacement ticket holder shall have priority over the holder of the original ticket should both tickets be presented for inspection.

Data protection provisions

Personal data collected from first-time customers as well as any changes made to such data subsequently is used and stored for the purposes of processing orders. The processing of orders means in particular, but without limitation, the process of reserving, booking and payment, and where applicable, the dispatch of any and all documentation by post to the stated delivery address.

The customer thus agrees to his/her data being stored electronically for the purpose of handling payment and for the mailing of promotional material throughout the year. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Further, credit card details are not stored.

Denial of access

Ticket holders may be denied access if there is good reason to suppose that they will disrupt the performance or cause a nuisance to other visitors. Access may also be denied if ticket holders have not complied with the Terms and Conditions at previous performances. Persons who hinder the sale of tickets, particularly those trying to offer or sell tickets privately on the premises of the Bregenz Festival, may be ejected from the Festival Opera House or from the premises of the Bregenz Festival. Ticket holders may be ejected from a performance if they disrupt it, cause a nuisance to other visitors or if they have occupied a seat for which they possess no valid admission ticket.

The use of mobile phones in the auditorium and flash photography are expressly prohibited. Furthermore, filming is forbidden for copyright reasons. Ticket holders are not permitted to take food and drink into venues and consume it there. Smoking is permitted only in specially designated zones. Animals are not permitted in the venues because of health and safety and fire protection regulations.

Lost property

Items of any kind which are found in the Festival Opera House should be handed over to the porter, and the loss of any items should be reported to him (+43 5574 407-0).